Reading Update: Access your local library even when it is unstaffed.

Open Library lets you access your local library, its books, computers and spaces even while the building is unstaffed.

Just talk to a member of staff and they’ll add the extra access to your library card.

If there’s no member of staff available, give the library a call on 01603 774777.

If you’re under 16 you can’t sign up for Open Library, but you’re welcome to come in to the library during unstaffed hours if you’re with a parent or guardian who is registered.

Open Library is available at Earlham Library

How to use Open Library
  • Hold your library card 10-15cm below the number pad, barcode side up – you should see a light scan your card and hear a small beep
  • Type in your PIN code when it says so on the screen then press the green enter button
  • At some libraries you might also need to press a large button before the door will open
  • To leave the library, push the button by the door