Reading Update: 8 Reasons to go to your local library

  1. Borrow up to 15 books for free, for up to three weeks at a time to read for fun and relaxation or to help with your studies
  2. Download e-Books e-Audio books and e-Magazines free of charge on to your smart phone, tablet or other device
  3. Libraries are not just about borrowing free books. It’s cheap to also borrow films, games and music
  4. Use computers free of charge including office software, email and the internet.  You can print for a small charge or save your work on to a memory stick.
  5. There is free Wi-Fi in all Norfolk libraries
  6. Meet friends, look at magazines and join in with events and activities.  Some of the projects young people have been involved in include: Our Norfolk StoryYarmouth Strikes BackCarry On Bridge
  7. Find out more about volunteering in a Norfolk library
  8. Shelf-help is the Reading Agency’s list of books recommended by young people and health experts. It’s a brilliant mix of fiction and non-fiction and they’re all available at your local library