Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many, many centres ago there were two sweet brothers called Pompeii and Vesuvius that were walking in the woods. Suddenly, they fell off a cliff.When they landed on the ground it was all sandy. A man was there taking rocks that were shining in the sun.He saw the boys because he did not have any children he helped the brothers all by himself.

A year later there were walking outside the house .The brothers decided to build a city but they did not agree.

“The city should be built by the house” said Pompeii

“No” shouted Vesuius “I want to build it down the cliff”

“But I want to build the city next to the house to make it better arrged Pompeii

“I want to place the city down the cliff because it is better then up here and it will fall down” protested Vesius.

They fighted and fighted like brothers do.

The brothers teased and teased like brothers do.Suddenly Pompeii thew a anormas rock at Vesuius and blood spilled every were. Pompeii felt very hot, he didn’t know what to do first then he covered Vesuius with mud and plants.

A few moments later he thought about the city, he begun to build his city.When it was finished a big giant mountain grew at the same time as it got big.Till it was active.Then it arrupted and it covered the city.