Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many many years ago there were two boys called pompeii and vesuvius they were looking for sticks but they got and then they got lost.

They went back but they did not know the way.

Then she-wolf saw the children and to get some sticks for the feir we ran fast then as she-wolf at the end hawd we find a sticks we all of than to the made the beds and tents for all of us went it rain dropped hard.

One day the boy were get in sticks one said lets build a city so vesuvius said ok pompeii shouted there vesuvius said no there but vesuvius said the cave is big .

But a gral was it a tiger it was we ran so we went into the cave we made a home but we need sticks for a door boning she-wolf was there a bone.

They started to fight pompeii pushed vesuvius into the water and splash in to the wet water pompeii had a evil grin smile and ran away from Vesuvius and runen to the home and he got lost of dig with stone and dirt to hide the body in the well.

A moment later Pompeii got sad of Vesuvius he said what have I done so he ran back to the well people looked at pompeii people scared.