Norwich South Candidates visit Bluebell

All the candidates, who are standing in the general election for Norwich South, have visited our school over the past few weeks.

Some of the children have written a few words about the key things they remembered from each candidate (they are presented in the order that they visited the school).

Jim Adcock (no longer standing)

  • Jim Adcock was talking about building more children centers. (Ebony and Keavie)
  • He wants the parliament to be round so they don’t have to yell at each other. (Amelia, Josh and Connor)

Clive Lewis

  • Clive Lewis promised to get people of the streets. And getting a net for when people fall in between the net. He was also talking about how to change climate change and getting more houses for people who can’t afford to get a house and having more houses for people who are on the streets.Also Clive Lewis talked about food banks and not using plastic stuff that can’t be reused because many of them now end up in the ocean (Lily and Layla)
  • He wants people off the streets and he wants more houses also he wants all children to have free school dinners. (Amelia, Josh and Connor).
  • Clive Lewis wanted to get more people of the streets and making better nets to catch people who lose their jobs (Ebony and Keavie)

James Wright

  • James Wright wanted to help schools get more money,and wanted children to have free school dinners (Keavie and Ebony)
  • He loves Park Run (Ayden)
  • He talked about helping schools (Connor)
  • He doesn’t like nuclear weapons (Crystal)

Mike Spencer

  • Mike Spencer is part of the conservative party ,and he was talking about people to stop using plastic bottles and throwing them on the floor because climate change will get worse if they keep doing it.Also,there is already a lot of rubbish and plastic on all around the world. He also talked about building more schools around the world. (Lily and Layla)
  • Mike Spencer wanted to stop people using plastic. (Ebony and Keavie)
  • He wants to be a brain doctor (Crystal)

Sandy Gilchrist

  • Sandy talked about voting and democracy (Josh)
  • He didn’t want to use plastic bottles (Lily)

Catherine Rowett

  • She is a Member of the European Parliament (Connor)
  • She talked a lot about environmental stuff and how to save the planet (Mia)
  • She joined the Green party because she wanted to help the planet (Mia)

Election Assembly

Professor Catherine Rowett MEP came in from the Green party today. She talked about how she got into politics and how she is currently a Member of the European Parliament.

The children asked a lot of questions about the Green party and Professor Rowett explained about how the party stand for protecting the environment.

Science Week Awards

Two pupils were selected for their exceptional homework following science week.

All children were given the challenge to research a scientist and many completed great pieces of work. These pupils chose Marie Curie and Thomas Edison and did an exceptional job. They were awarded in assembly today with prizes for their efforts but well done to everyone who entered.

Well done.

Election Assembly

Today, Clive Lewis (the previous MP of the constituency) came and spoke to the children in assembly. He gave a great account of the values and policies of the Labour party ahead of the next election.