Brooke-School Vision

Tuesday 8th June 2021

Today I went over to Eaton Park and did the park run with my classmates. I was so tired after that but also it felt like I was a lot more stronger and I felt more energy in my bones. My heart was racing it was like my legs could not stop it was like it was a new part of my life running as fast as a cheetah and the water in my bottle was going as fast as a flash. The school vision of our school is help yourself,other people and our world thank you for reading this it means a lot just remember to look after our planet its in danger the plants the animals. There’s danger all around the world make a change please . People just need to care about nature and animals more people need to stop littering shooting birds and other ways of killing nature and animals its just horrible please help the environment.Its also hurting people in other countries.