Chelsea-school vision

Monday 7th June 2021

Today I went up to the school allotment with my classmates and teachers. I had to walk with my partner, Miley-rose. Do you want to know what we did?

First we got split in two groups. Next we helped to clear a bed ready to plant new seeds or bulbs. We put all of the grass in the compost bin. Next, we went for guided tour, I could see so many vegetables growing.

This links to our new school vision as was helping to care for the environment by picking up rubbish.

When we finished at our allotment we went back in class to make our bird feeders.

Do you want to know what we used to make the bird feeders? So we used pine cones and sticky seeds. I first got a pot of the seeds and got two pine cones. Then we stuffed the seeds in the pine cones and waited for them to dry up. It would help the environment by helping animals.

After lunch we tied string to the pine cones.

Finally, we tied the pine cones with string we did some outdoor reading. It was a really nice day.

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