Earlhams secret treasure.

How we found the treasure.

First we flew in our helicopter around until we saw deep lines they were in a shape of a boat! Next we came down and we started to excavate a little bit in the middle, but we had to lightly dig then we saw runes. It read “Do not touch a curse is coming!” the archaeologists were thinking it was a trick to not find secrets. However, our team had to talk to the lawyer of the land owner and convince him to excavate lots more. It took a long time but he said… “Yes”.

What we found

We found

  • shields
  • helmet
  • spear
  • golden chest
  • coffin

why this is important

Firstly it teaches us about Anglo Saxons life because it has fingerprints on which tells us what their job was.

Secondly some artefacts are incredibly valuable such as shields, helmets, spears, golden chest and a coffin.

Thirdly one body was in the coffin was rotten. The group opened then they were very surprised that a letter read I’m the treasure. The archaeologists showed the man what they found and he was delighted because they had found the god’s body. He was happy and they had a reward of supplies for their travels!