Klara ~ School vision

A few days ago I went to the nearby allotment. I had a tour of some of the sites and dug up plots for plants ready to grow there. There were lots of weeds and couch grass and it seemed like there was hundreds of them!

On Monday I was very disgusted and it was because we were making bird feeders. The seeds were mixed with fat, it was disgusting! We dumped the seeds inside of a pine cone and voila! Also that morning we had reading outside, I sat next to a beautiful cherry tree which had grown over the past years.

Oh and Tuesday was very tiring in the afternoon, but let me start from the beggining. At the start of the day we had yoga we did the upside down dog pose and cobra pose and other poses! After that we made letters to the hospital,I wrote mine to Maria. And last thing we did was the park run it was very hard. We had to run 4 times around a field In Eaton park. And those two days were fun.

Hope we will have days like these again.

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