Miley-rose-school vision

Monday 7th June 2021

Today I went to the allotment with my classmates and teachers.We walked there in two’s. I walked with my partner Chelsea to the allotment it was fun. Do you want to know what we did?

Well, first we dug up grass from a patch, it was so hot we could jump in a freezing cold pool. Next we put all the grass that we dug up in the compost bin. After that Mr Dooley took us on a tour around the allotment and we met some nice people and we saw George’s grandad’s allotment.

We went back to our allotment and lined up to go back to school. It was a fun day we went back to school and waited for our parents to pick us up.

We were kind to ourselves and the world by planting new plants witch reminded me about our school vision.

See you next time, bye.

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