Naqeeb school vision

Monday 7th June 2021

I went to the allotment today and we got into 2 groups, our group was going to have a tour around the allotment with Mr Dooley and it was fun because we learnt a lot about plants like we know what a plant looks like when its growing, we saw carrots potatoes and tomatoes.

When we came back from the tour Ms Wilson told us to dig the grass out of the beds and I had a big fork and we found worms and they were gross and the weeds had to go to compost and 2 girls said its a chocolate cake. When we were getting ready to go back to the school Mitch a classmate was screaming because there was a big beetle crawling on him.

We were doing one of our school visions – To be kind to the world, we did this by planting things which are good for the environment.

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