Rare Anglo Saxon Treasures of Earlham.

How we found the treasure:

First my team and I flew in a helicopter – we were searching for a few hours until one of our amazing gadgets discovered something brilliant. Next my awesome pilot, Maddie, parked us on a field in the middle of nowhere but luckily she parked right next to the spot were our gadget found this mysterious thing in the ground.

After that we ran out of our helicopter, my team and I started to excavate but a few hours past and we took out our sleeping bags and slept.

Finally, at 3:00 am, we woke up and started to excavate. 5 hours later we found what it was…

…it was a 20 meter boat!

What we found:

My team and I found: a dagger, 2 bodyies, a sword, a spear, a purse, hanging bowls, a shield, jewelry, coins, salt, 2 sceptres, a brooch, helmet, some Anglo saxon clothes and shoes, coins and 2 belt buckles. The bodies were a girl and a boy who were very important in Anglo saxon times.

Why is it important:

Firstly it teaches us about Anglo Saxon life because we know what it was like and it teaches us about what it was like being an Anglo Saxon.

Secondly, some of the artefacts are incredibly valuable, probably the most valuable things would probably be both of the sceptres, the brooches and the 2 belt buckles and the jewelry.

Finally the 2 bodies were 2 earls: one was a boy and the other one was a girl. The boy was called Alfred and the girl was called Edith.