Ruby – School Vision Days

Hey ya’ll,

The day before yesterday the 7th of June

I went up to the school allotment. First I got a tour with my teacher around the plant beds. Secondly (lastly), I went back to the front of the allotment and dug up weeds and grass in the soil and put it in the compost heap. We were being kind to the world by getting rid of all the weeds so new vegetables could grow. Then we went back to school and did a little bit more learning before I went home.

Tuesday the 8th June.

Then on Tuesday morning we went outside and did yoga poses which is being kind to my body and mind. Then in the middle of the day we made bird feeder by filing pine cones with bird seeds mixed with honey which means the birds can feed their babies. Finally it was P.E and I was getting confused because we were going out of school and we went to Eaton park. We ran 4 laps around the field and I got second to last place. It was exhausting keeping fit but I felt better afterwards. What do you do to keep fit?

by the way guys do you think you can tell other about your 2 days if so please share.

Bye ya’ll.

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