The rare Anglo Saxons treasure of

How we found it.

First we were in a plane flying around the hillside. Next we saw a big lump: Keiran skydived to the lump. Luke, me, Calvin, Kale and Ashton went down Luke dug it up we went back. There was a strange man that was angry! at us? because we dug his place up. So we had to negotiate to his lawyer. I offered him £100m but he refused and said he was going to call the police. He said I will want a ticket to a football match at Old trafford so then we agreed. The man said he will come back in later on. The client accepted. So then we got away with it.

What we found.

  • We found a shield
  • We found brooches
  • We found bow an arrows

Why is this important?

It’s important because it’s an Anglo Saxon who is buried in it and he was a famous man, so the museum are going to want to investigate to see if it really old.