Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many many moons ago there were two sibling a brothers and sister. There were strong and tough . The children were caug fighting so they ran away to a deep forest. They became lost in the forest and fell in to a river which

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many, many moons ago there were two siblings, a brother and a sister. They were strong and brave.

The children were caught stealing to a dark forest.

They became lost in the forest and fell into a river. Fortunately, there was a wise dragon drinking from the fresh river when they passed. The mighty beast saved the boys and brought them up to be kind and wise adults.

One day the boys decided they wanted to build a great city. ” I want to build the city by myself, ” exclaimed Vesuvius.

” But I want to build it by the sea, ” shouted Pompeii back.

” That’s not fair, ” whined Vesuvius, ” You always get to choose. “

“Well that”s because your ideasare stupid” shouted

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many, many moons ago there were two siblings a brother and a sister, they were strong and powerful.

The children were caught stealing so they ran away to a dark forest. They became lost in the forest and fell into a river which swept them down the stream .Luckily there was a kind dragon drinking from the fresh river when they passed .The mighty creature saved the boys and brought them up to be kind and wize .

one day the boys decided they want to build a great city .”l want to build the city by myself

!” demanded Vesuvius .

But l want to build it by the sea mooned pompeii back .That,s because ,your not fair, whined Vesuvius ,you always get to choose .

well thats , because you idea are stupid , shouted pompeii.

The siblings continued to argue.

The two of them keep fighting until pompeii snatched a bowl and fire an arrow into Vesuvius’s hart.

Vesuvius fall down dead . pompeii is fine and builds his wealthy city and it becomes a beautiful place .

However , were Vesuvius was buried looming mountain grows.

until one day it erupts , destroying pompeii forever!

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many, many centres ago there were two sweet brothers called Pompeii and Vesuvius that were walking in the woods. Suddenly, they fell off a cliff.When they landed on the ground it was all sandy. A man was there taking rocks that were shining in the sun.He saw the boys because he did not have any children he helped the brothers all by himself.

A year later there were walking outside the house .The brothers decided to build a city but they did not agree.

“The city should be built by the house” said Pompeii

“No” shouted Vesuius “I want to build it down the cliff”

“But I want to build the city next to the house to make it better arrged Pompeii

“I want to place the city down the cliff because it is better then up here and it will fall down” protested Vesius.

They fighted and fighted like brothers do.

The brothers teased and teased like brothers do.Suddenly Pompeii thew a anormas rock at Vesuius and blood spilled every were. Pompeii felt very hot, he didn’t know what to do first then he covered Vesuius with mud and plants.

A few moments later he thought about the city, he begun to build his city.When it was finished a big giant mountain grew at the same time as it got big.Till it was active.Then it arrupted and it covered the city.

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many many years ago there were two boys called pompeii and vesuvius they were looking for sticks but they got and then they got lost.

They went back but they did not know the way.

Then she-wolf saw the children and to get some sticks for the feir we ran fast then as she-wolf at the end hawd we find a sticks we all of than to the made the beds and tents for all of us went it rain dropped hard.

One day the boy were get in sticks one said lets build a city so vesuvius said ok pompeii shouted there vesuvius said no there but vesuvius said the cave is big .

But a gral was it a tiger it was we ran so we went into the cave we made a home but we need sticks for a door boning she-wolf was there a bone.

They started to fight pompeii pushed vesuvius into the water and splash in to the wet water pompeii had a evil grin smile and ran away from Vesuvius and runen to the home and he got lost of dig with stone and dirt to hide the body in the well.

A moment later Pompeii got sad of Vesuvius he said what have I done so he ran back to the well people looked at pompeii people scared.

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Mang, many moons ago there were two siblings, a brother and sister . They were strong and powerful.

Pompeii and vesuvius had forest.

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many , many years ago , there were two strong , brave brothers.They were hunting for food but then they got lost in the fog . They could see anything but they heard a noise it was a tornado. They got saved by a lightning dragon . Next it took them to its nest , but a knight came to save the brother .The strong , brave knight didn’t have any children . The knight took the boy and raised the boy as his own . Brave , strong boys to grow up to be a amazing knights.Although it was strange the boy were with a lighting dragon? One day ,the brothers were on a walk on that day but the brother started to argue like brother do . ” I think we should build it in a”filed yelled Vesuvius.”But l think we should build it near a lake” yelled even louder Pompeii !” But why near the lake ” because we can get water ! ” screamed Pompeii ! “But we will have lots of spais!” yelled Vesuvius!” I want to call it Pompeii !” roaed Pompeii .”But I want to call it Vesumius!” yelled Vesuvius.”But why do we have to call it Pompeii ! ” roaed Vesuvius.

Then one day brothers started to punch

Pompeii and Vesuvius

long ago there were, two twins. who were young and fierce they were out to go fishing for their family in their boat,it is a wonderful day. suddenly a storm and pushed them into the waterfall.when the twins woke up, the saw that rasied by unicorn

the took care of the twins but” one day, the decided to build a city, but the were fighting like sisters do, pompeii said I” want it in the waterfall. vesuvius said I”Want it on the farm because it has more space, since mine has more space to drink water,

THE continued like sisters do. TWO hours later the twins began ,push and slove until the sister suddenly pushed her into,the death of the water. to hide his guilty

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many,many moons ago,two girl went out although they got lost in a dark forest,for the gentle baby cubs found two girls and gave them food.And tooked the girls to the wolfs and raise them as their own.

Since the loving wolves gathered some food for the girls and drag their feet to the waterfall which shimmer with beautiful light.Both of them learn by pretend them thets by copping the wolves.

One day the two sister went on a walk all of sudden vesuvius said, “let’s build a city.”

“It should be built in the west because it will look nice!”protested Vesuvius.

“No!”we should build it at the coach where it suny “argued Pompeii contie to arguing like sister do.

“No!”It’s better at the west”stressed Vesuvius.They continue arguing like sister do.And they argued all day long.

All of a sudden the sister start to fight hitting and pushing each other but Pompeii Through a huge heave rock on Vesuvius death of the underground.Pompeii was so guilty that.She covered her sister with dirt and rocks to hide the secret.all of a sudden she talled her persons about it they were

Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many ,many centuries ago there were two twins brothers who went playing in the forest then a big powerful storm came and washed the twins into a deeper part of the forest . sine the twins were strong and powerful the gods sent them a minator to raise the twins as his own then the mintator thought about training the boys so they can protect each other he ask the twins and the twins disallow that because they don,t wont to get herat . One day the twins were thinking to build a city they thought about calling the city after there self they argued were to build the city .like brothers do Pompeii said we should build the city were we were saved no said Vesuvius yeling we should build the city by the hart of the forest . The twins were pushing and shoving like brothers do .then Pompeii stabed vesuvius with a knife that the mintor gave to Pompeii to protect Vesuvius then Pompeii bureed Vesuvius under a moutin to hid vesuvius death eh poot vesuvius in a seecret moutin .hiden in the anshent woods . then that day Pompeii bilt his city and poeple started growing ther and life started to rebon then Vesuvius groo up to be a strong and pawerful volcano then he disroied pompeii was never to be seen agin.