Tristan-school vision day

On Monday 7th of June we went to the allotment. I could not believe my eyes there was other people helping at the allotment they were being kind to the world by watering plants and growing vegetables like radishes and potatoes. What should we grow at the allotment next?

We also made bird feeders by using a pinecone which we then covered with bird food and tied string to it. I brought 1 home and gave 3 to the reception and nursery children. We were kind to others as we gave some of our bird feeders to other people.

We did outdoor reading under a tree and connecting with nature. I was kind by being kind to myself and to our world by going outside and connecting with nature. What should i read next?

Naqeeb school vision

Monday 7th June 2021

I went to the allotment today and we got into 2 groups, our group was going to have a tour around the allotment with Mr Dooley and it was fun because we learnt a lot about plants like we know what a plant looks like when its growing, we saw carrots potatoes and tomatoes.

When we came back from the tour Ms Wilson told us to dig the grass out of the beds and I had a big fork and we found worms and they were gross and the weeds had to go to compost and 2 girls said its a chocolate cake. When we were getting ready to go back to the school Mitch a classmate was screaming because there was a big beetle crawling on him.

We were doing one of our school visions – To be kind to the world, we did this by planting things which are good for the environment.

Miley-rose-school vision

Monday 7th June 2021

Today I went to the allotment with my classmates and teachers.We walked there in two’s. I walked with my partner Chelsea to the allotment it was fun. Do you want to know what we did?

Well, first we dug up grass from a patch, it was so hot we could jump in a freezing cold pool. Next we put all the grass that we dug up in the compost bin. After that Mr Dooley took us on a tour around the allotment and we met some nice people and we saw George’s grandad’s allotment.

We went back to our allotment and lined up to go back to school. It was a fun day we went back to school and waited for our parents to pick us up.

We were kind to ourselves and the world by planting new plants witch reminded me about our school vision.

See you next time, bye.

Tommy-school vision days

Monday 7th June 2021

For our school vision day we made bird feeders they were so messy but it was 100% worth it because we can help nature and I loved making them even know they where so messy.

Also, I liked going to the allotment because we saw tons of crops like potatoes, broccoli and cabbage also, we cleared out the planting bed, there was ton of weeds and rotten potatoes seeds inside of it.

This is a part of our vision because its helping our world by giving our environment more life.

Chelsea-school vision

Monday 7th June 2021

Today I went up to the school allotment with my classmates and teachers. I had to walk with my partner, Miley-rose. Do you want to know what we did?

First we got split in two groups. Next we helped to clear a bed ready to plant new seeds or bulbs. We put all of the grass in the compost bin. Next, we went for guided tour, I could see so many vegetables growing.

This links to our new school vision as was helping to care for the environment by picking up rubbish.

When we finished at our allotment we went back in class to make our bird feeders.

Do you want to know what we used to make the bird feeders? So we used pine cones and sticky seeds. I first got a pot of the seeds and got two pine cones. Then we stuffed the seeds in the pine cones and waited for them to dry up. It would help the environment by helping animals.

After lunch we tied string to the pine cones.

Finally, we tied the pine cones with string we did some outdoor reading. It was a really nice day.

Annabelle – school vision days

Monday 7th June

Hi all. Its Annabelle and welcome to my blog. I am going to tell you about my school vision day no.1. When I got into school I did some reading. Next, I made some bird feeders. After that, we went for lunch break. We came in 30 minutes later and then cleaned up the mess we made whilst making bird feeders. We had lunch. Then we went to the allotment. We went back to school and our parents took us home.

Do you think this day could get any better?

Tyler-school vision days

On Monday we went to the allotment. At the allotment we helped pulled some weeds out of the ground to plant some more vegetables or fruit for school.The teachers split us into two groups one helped pull weeds the other one was a little tour are round allotment. I was ever so happy because i done the tour first. We saw lots a of peoples allotments like our teachers. I pulled some weeds out there, after a couple minuets we strolled back to school and went home.

What plants or food should we plant there?

Malia – School Vision Days

Monday 7 June 2021

Hey all

On Tuesday 8 June I went on a park run I couldn’t believe that we went to the park run. It was being kind to ourselves as we were having fresh air and we were keeping are bodies and minds healthy. We ran 4 laps around the big field . Also we completed some yoga stretches.

We were being kind to each other and ourselves and we had fresh air and exercise. It helped me to relax and to clear our minds. On the same day I wrote a letter to the hospital. Mine was to A&E. I was being kind to others as we were saying thank~you for all your hard work and support

Emily-school vision

A few days ago I went to our school allotment. I had a tour of some sites and dug up plots for plants ready to grow. There were lots of potatoes and carrots. There was lots of weed which we removed. We got pine cones and put fat and seeds on it for the birds to eat, see we are helping the environment. Anyway we started to paint and put blobs of brown paint and blew it with a paper straw we had. Me and my friends were putting water on our faces because we were that hot. On Monday we did yoga which is being kind to ourselves. We were being kind to our selves by doing a long park run at Eaton Park on Tuesday Afternoon.

Mitch – school vision day Blog

Monday 7th June

I went to the allotment and saw carrots, strawberries and potatoes. We were split into 2 groups and we had a tour around the allotments. After the tour I was digging up the weeds to make a bed for new plants and vegetables to grow. We put the weeds on the compost heap. I saw a big beetle on your leg and I put it safely down on the grass. One of my friends watered the plants so they didn’t die. It made feel happy being kind to the environment.

Tuesday 8th June

We went to Eaton park and ran four laps around the whole park. It was tiring when we were running. We also did yoga outside. It was relax and I had lots of fresh air and exercise. It was great for my body and cleared my mind. I found being kind to myself relaxing.