Baye Vision Days


We were being kind to the world and getting ready to plant new seeds and bulbs in the allotment. Then we watered the plants so they didn’t die. After that we made bird feeders to give some food for the birds so they have food for their babies. This is being kind to our environment.


We went to the park run and ran 4 laps round the second field. Then we done some yoga which is being kind to our self. Finally we wrote to thank-you letters to the hospital which is being kind to others.

Calahan – School vision

Tuesday 8th June 2021 i went to Eaton Park to take part in the school fun. We left after we had our lunch. It was very hot we had to bring our water bottles and use Sun cream. This helps remind me of our school vision, being kind to ourselves. Looking after our bodies. i walked with my partner Tristan. People were playing football. it was fun! People were busy in this park. Mr.D said “on your marks get set go!” i ran so fast as i can. i ran 4 laps! i was very exhausted!

King – School Vision Days

I have been writing thank-you letters to the hospital because they are nice people and they help us when we need it. You need to be healthy so to be healthy you need to eat lots of fruit and drink water. This is being kind to yourself. Do you eat healthy or unhealthy? When I finished the letter the teacher sent it to the hospital. After I finished that I was allowed to do whatever I wanted on the laptops so I just went on scratch. After I couldn’t play anymore I went out to lunch to play outside with my friends. When I came in I could finally eat my cheesy pasta. I was starving. This was on Tuesday by the way. The teachers put on a film called Raya and the last dragon. I have already watched it at home so i just ate and watched the movie. After lunch it was the afternoon and I did lots of work in nurture creating artwork with a friend.

Ethan – school vison days

be kind be safe be ready. be kind to your self overs and the world. join bluebell primary school in england. so at bluebell you will be happy with the teachers. so join now at bluebell. and remember to be kind be safe and be ready.

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Monday 7th June 2021

Today I went to the school allotment. When we got there we were told we would be split into two groups. First I went on a tour of the allotment and I showed everyone where my Nannies allotment is. After that I did some digging in the school allotment ready for us to plant new vegetables like potatoes or carrots. I was being kind to the environment by looking after it as well as being kind to myself and fresh air is good for you.

Raffy School Vision days

I enjoyed the Park Run because when I was running it was fun. It may have been hard but I enjoyed it very much! I saw all my friends running and I really enjoyed it although, it was very hard as we did 4 laps. It was fun but I did get really tired. I was being kind to myself as running is good for your mind and your body.

Toby-school vision Days

On Monday we went to the allotment, this is being kind to our world by planting and helping people plant, on the way we got in partners it took about 5 minutes to get there which is being kind to ourselves because we did some exercise. We also made bird feeders and then we were reading out side I liked it because it was relaxing. We went outside and picked up any rubbish we could find, we have to help the environment. What would you do if there was rubbish on the floor?

We must be kind to ourselves, each other and the world.

Klara ~ School vision

A few days ago I went to the nearby allotment. I had a tour of some of the sites and dug up plots for plants ready to grow there. There were lots of weeds and couch grass and it seemed like there was hundreds of them!

On Monday I was very disgusted and it was because we were making bird feeders. The seeds were mixed with fat, it was disgusting! We dumped the seeds inside of a pine cone and voila! Also that morning we had reading outside, I sat next to a beautiful cherry tree which had grown over the past years.

Oh and Tuesday was very tiring in the afternoon, but let me start from the beggining. At the start of the day we had yoga we did the upside down dog pose and cobra pose and other poses! After that we made letters to the hospital,I wrote mine to Maria. And last thing we did was the park run it was very hard. We had to run 4 times around a field In Eaton park. And those two days were fun.

Hope we will have days like these again.

Brooke-School Vision

Tuesday 8th June 2021

Today I went over to Eaton Park and did the park run with my classmates. I was so tired after that but also it felt like I was a lot more stronger and I felt more energy in my bones. My heart was racing it was like my legs could not stop it was like it was a new part of my life running as fast as a cheetah and the water in my bottle was going as fast as a flash. The school vision of our school is help yourself,other people and our world thank you for reading this it means a lot just remember to look after our planet its in danger the plants the animals. There’s danger all around the world make a change please . People just need to care about nature and animals more people need to stop littering shooting birds and other ways of killing nature and animals its just horrible please help the environment.Its also hurting people in other countries.

Tiffany-school vision

Monday 7th June 2021

Today I went to the allotment with my classmates on a guide tour too grow some vegetables. I loved that we were helping the environment and watering the plant it was like helping friends so always look after nature. This links to our school visions of being kind to ourselves,each other and our world .Also at the allotment we had to pick some rubbish up to keep the world safe.This has given me a good insperation about what we did. What do you think i should grow next. Thank You