Protect ourselves. Protect others. Protect Norfolk

Protect ourselves. Protect others. Protect Norfolk We fully support this message from Norfolk County Council in keeping everyone safe at Bluebell. We have been incredibly proud how everyone in our school community has shown support and care for one another on the school playground. Adults have been wearing face masks and everyone is sticking toContinue reading “Protect ourselves. Protect others. Protect Norfolk”

Bluebell in the News

We are incredibly proud to see the new headteacher of Bluebell in the EDP talking about the positive direction the school is going in. Read: Two new primary school headteachers start work

Guided Tour of Bluebell

Mrs Plowman has made a video showing the key changes that have happened at school to ensure that everyone can stay safe whilst they get back into their learning. Please take time to watch the video and, if you have any questions, please contact the school. Enjoy