Things to do this Easter holiday…

Easter holidays start today. Luckily there are loads of things going on in Norwich and Norfolk. Check out the Visit Norwich page. As always, make sure you do plenty of reading. Have children read themselves or read them a book. See how many you can get through in the holiday. Enjoy the break.    

Bluebell Blog Posts

We’re trialing the use of the blog feature on our website.  Currently the only posts were made years ago but hopefully you’ll start to see a few more appear here.

New Laptops

The school welcomed the delivery of new laptops with Windows 7 today.  Students will be able to use the laptops during their ICT lessons.

2 minutes silence

The Royal British Legion aims to raise £36M to help those who are serving or who have served in the Armed Forces and their families. Poppies are available from the school reception desk.  A donation is required, please be generous. We will be holding a 2 minutes silence on Thursday 11 November at 11.00 am.