We run a breakfast club and a variety of lunchtime and after school clubs. See below for more details.

Breakfast club
  • Begins at 07:55.
  • Sign up forms are in the office.
  • It is completely FREE
  • Children get a range of hot and cold food and can then play games or read books before school starts.
Lunchtime Clubs
EverydayMr D’RosarioSports
TuesdayMr ReekieStorytime (KS2)
WednesdayMrs WicklundArt Club
ThursdayMr DooleyChess Club
ThursdayMr DooleyFantasy Football
ThursdayMr DooleyWarhammer (Y5 & 6)
FridayMr DooleyYouTube Club
FridayMrs CresswellLibrary Club
After School Clubs
DayKey Stage 1Key Stage 2
MonSamba Band (Mrs Gonzalez)Allotment Club (Mrs Butcher)
Fencing (Mr D’Rosario)
TuesMulti-skills (Mr D’Rosario) Drama (The Garage)
WedChange 4 Life (Mr D’Rosario)
Dance (The Garage)
Film Club (Tamion’s Film Club)
STEM Club (Mr Reekie)
ThursFootball (CSF)Basketball (Mr D’Rosario)
FriKarate (Eska)Football ( Mr D’Rosario )
DayKey Stage 1Key Stage 2
MonGymnastics (Mr D’Rosario)Allotment Club (Mrs Butcher)
Samba Club (Norfolk Music Service)
TuesDrama (The Garage)Film Club (Tamion’s Film Club)
WedChange 4 Life (Mr D’Rosario)STEM Club (Mr Reekie)
Dance (The Garage)
ThursYoga (Mr D’Rosario)Football Squad (CSF)
FriFootball (CSF)Karate (Eska)