Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many, many moons ago there were two siblings a brother and a sister, they were strong and powerful.

The children were caught stealing so they ran away to a dark forest. They became lost in the forest and fell into a river which swept them down the stream .Luckily there was a kind dragon drinking from the fresh river when they passed .The mighty creature saved the boys and brought them up to be kind and wize .

one day the boys decided they want to build a great city .”l want to build the city by myself

!” demanded Vesuvius .

But l want to build it by the sea mooned pompeii back .That,s because ,your not fair, whined Vesuvius ,you always get to choose .

well thats , because you idea are stupid , shouted pompeii.

The siblings continued to argue.

The two of them keep fighting until pompeii snatched a bowl and fire an arrow into Vesuvius’s hart.

Vesuvius fall down dead . pompeii is fine and builds his wealthy city and it becomes a beautiful place .

However , were Vesuvius was buried looming mountain grows.

until one day it erupts , destroying pompeii forever!

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