Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many , many years ago , there were two strong , brave brothers.They were hunting for food but then they got lost in the fog . They could see anything but they heard a noise it was a tornado. They got saved by a lightning dragon . Next it took them to its nest , but a knight came to save the brother .The strong , brave knight didn’t have any children . The knight took the boy and raised the boy as his own . Brave , strong boys to grow up to be a amazing knights.Although it was strange the boy were with a lighting dragon? One day ,the brothers were on a walk on that day but the brother started to argue like brother do . ” I think we should build it in a”filed yelled Vesuvius.”But l think we should build it near a lake” yelled even louder Pompeii !” But why near the lake ” because we can get water ! ” screamed Pompeii ! “But we will have lots of spais!” yelled Vesuvius!” I want to call it Pompeii !” roaed Pompeii .”But I want to call it Vesumius!” yelled Vesuvius.”But why do we have to call it Pompeii ! ” roaed Vesuvius.

Then one day brothers started to punch

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