Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many,many moons ago,two girl went out although they got lost in a dark forest,for the gentle baby cubs found two girls and gave them food.And tooked the girls to the wolfs and raise them as their own.

Since the loving wolves gathered some food for the girls and drag their feet to the waterfall which shimmer with beautiful light.Both of them learn by pretend them thets by copping the wolves.

One day the two sister went on a walk all of sudden vesuvius said, “let’s build a city.”

“It should be built in the west because it will look nice!”protested Vesuvius.

“No!”we should build it at the coach where it suny “argued Pompeii contie to arguing like sister do.

“No!”It’s better at the west”stressed Vesuvius.They continue arguing like sister do.And they argued all day long.

All of a sudden the sister start to fight hitting and pushing each other but Pompeii Through a huge heave rock on Vesuvius death of the underground.Pompeii was so guilty that.She covered her sister with dirt and rocks to hide the secret.all of a sudden she talled her persons about it they were

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