Pompeii and Vesuvius

Many ,many centuries ago there were two twins brothers who went playing in the forest then a big powerful storm came and washed the twins into a deeper part of the forest . sine the twins were strong and powerful the gods sent them a minator to raise the twins as his own then the mintator thought about training the boys so they can protect each other he ask the twins and the twins disallow that because they don,t wont to get herat . One day the twins were thinking to build a city they thought about calling the city after there self they argued were to build the city .like brothers do Pompeii said we should build the city were we were saved no said Vesuvius yeling we should build the city by the hart of the forest . The twins were pushing and shoving like brothers do .then Pompeii stabed vesuvius with a knife that the mintor gave to Pompeii to protect Vesuvius then Pompeii bureed Vesuvius under a moutin to hid vesuvius death eh poot vesuvius in a seecret moutin .hiden in the anshent woods . then that day Pompeii bilt his city and poeple started growing ther and life started to rebon then Vesuvius groo up to be a strong and pawerful volcano then he disroied pompeii was never to be seen agin.

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