Pompeii and Vesuvius

Thousands of years ago there were two twins one called Pompeii the other Vesuvius.When they were born their mother hid them by the river bank to protect the girls .However ,the girls were tough aswell as brave

A Mermaid was swimming in the shimmering near by shimmering lake and saw the twins. The Mermaid decided to take the girls to a safer land. Many weeks went by a man came to collect some wood but he saw the two twins and decided to take them though he knew what happened in the past because he had no children of his own.

One day they decided to build a magnificent city better than Rome .They started to argue with the details like twins do.”Lets build it by the ocean” protested Vesuvius .

“No .” replied Pompeii “It should be built where the field is .”

“No way!” answered back Vesuvius “It will be better if it’s here.” They carried on arguing like sisters do.

Vesuvius and Pompeii started to build their own city Pompeii got so jealous she threw the heaviest rock she could find and threw it at Vesuvius.Pompeii had killed her twin sister .To hide her guiltenes she buried Vesuius underground .


After Pompeii killed Vesuius she tried to hide it as much as she could Pompeii went to where she buried Vesuvius the next day .She started to build her city when she came to the field .It was really nice so she cheered up a bit “It shall be called Pompeii” she thought But she didn’t realise a Mountain was growing next to Pompeii .A couple years later the Mountain erupted in disbelieve Pompeii realised it was a Volcano destroying Pompeii forever.

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