& Values

“Being kind to ourselves,
each other and our world.”

Our vision:

“Being kind to ourselves,
each other and our world.”

Our vision is the foundation for everything we do. It informs our interactions with each other; our curriculum; staff development; our after-school clubs and our school trips.

Our vision is broken down into three priorities and by living by the following values, we make it come to life:

Being kind to ourselves

We are always learning.
We are the best versions of ourselves and look after our bodies and minds.
We are proud of who we are.

Being kind to each other

We help our society.
We are welcoming, we work together and help others.
We love that we are all different and unique.

Being kind to our world

We make the world a better place for all life on Earth.
We live and work sustainably.
We enjoy and respect the natural world.

The vision is applied to adults as well as children because we strongly believe that a school’s best resource are the adults who work there. Schools need passionate, driven colleagues who are determined to help children have the very best educational experiences. We value each team member, encourage and support them to develop professionally and to interact kindly and respectfully with each other. 

This vision is also applied just as equally to our interactions and relationships with families. In the modern world, families face many challenges and we work hard to support them. We believe that kindness and respect between school staff and families make for the most productive outcomes.