Work with Us

According to a Broad Horizons Education Trust survey, our staff recently gave the school a wellbeing score of 5.3 out of 6.  Staff report that they feel listened to, valued and have the opportunities to make suggestions. 

Our Vision

Being kind to ourselves, each other and our world – applies just as much to our staff as well as our pupils. We make sure that our professional development offer is high quality, meaningful and meets the needs of staff, including associate staff (teaching assistants and higher level teaching assistants) appraisal targets are specific and personal to the individual. We channel our financial resources into making sure that staff have release time to really get the most out of professional development such as instructional coaching. 

We also benefit from the opportunities to collaborate and learn from colleagues within the Broad Horizons Education Trust and NTLEC, as well as partnering with the new Julian Teaching School Hub. 

In return we ask of our staff:

  • A commitment to providing the best possible learning opportunities for our children, by using evidence based practice to enhance teaching and learning.
  • A commitment to work hard for our children.
  • A commitment to living our vision on a day to day basis in school. 
  • A belief that every child can make progress, whatever their starting point or background.

If you are interested in working with us, we always advertise our jobs on, or on the Broad Horizons Education Trust’s website: