Governor’s Vision

The governors and staff of bluebell primary school are passionate about the school and have set a strong vision for the children in their care. Our vision is a statement of the school we wish to see, in some aspects it is a reflection of what we have already achieved in others it is a statement of how we would like to develop our school.

Our vision

Yearning for Learning

We want our children to yearn to learn,

to long to be strong,

to take the lead and succeed

only then can we tell

we have done our jobs well.

Class Teacher Bluebell Primary School


Our children will be thoughtful kind individuals who are able to contribute to the school the community and the wider world. They will have a strong sense of self belief with an I can do attitude. Children will have understanding of their rights and responsibilities, respect for themselves and others. Equality for all and valued for their individuality culture and heritage.

 ‘On the first day we looked for our countries, on the third day we looked for our continents, by the sixth day we looked at our world, the boundaries really disappear’

Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, first Arab astronaut who flew on the space shuttle with American and French astronauts.


The learning at Bluebell will be limitless and irresistible, children will be inspired to become outstanding learners and maximise their full potential. Children will have the resilience and perseverance to take risks and try new challenges, aspiring to be the best they can be. The partnership of staff, parents  & governors will have high expectations, as governors we will be accountable for data informed decisions, grounded in the best interests of our children.

 We want children to think of and remember Bluebell as a happy, safe & secure place, setting them on their journey of a full and rich life, with the power to create opportunities for themselves and others.

 Bluebell governors together with staff and children