Ethos and Values

Years 1 and 2 visited London

OFSTED 2016 ‘Pupils work together very well and are kind. They respect one another’s cultures and differences.’

At Bluebell Primary School we aim:

  • To provide a safe, nurturing environment that enables children to learn the necessary skills to keep themselves safe and healthy.
  • To enable each child to develop their own self-esteem in setting their own high standards, raise aspirations, take pride in their work, to have the desire to do their best and to enjoy learning.
  • To enable all pupils to make good progress appropriate to their individual abilities · To celebrate different cultural origins and diversity, promoting tolerance, respect and understanding for all people.
  • To provide stimulating learning experiences, through good teaching and a broad, sound curriculum enabling the children to become independent and active learners with an awareness of learning that can take place outside of the classroom.
  • We are committed to close links with parents, carers and the local community ensuring effective communication between all involved.
  • To ensure the well-being of all involved in Bluebell Primary (Pupils, Staff, Parents, Governors, Members of the Community).
  • To encourage children to work independently and with others in a spirit of cooperation and respect for themselves as well as others throughout all aspects of the school day.
  • To develop children’s confidence to think and express themselves creatively and logically and to enable them to manage their emotions appropriately.
  • To foster and develop respect and care for our immediate environment around us, along with the environment as a whole.

Here at Bluebell Primary School we are fully committed to supporting the pupils in their efforts to help give them the skills and self-belief to succeed by:

 Aiming high and responding to challenge

Celebrating and developing independence

Developing a love of learning and understanding of life

Taking care of self and others


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